The Suitors — Cécile David-Weill’s latest book is now available

Publication date: February 26th, 2013

Publication date: February 26th, 2013

Synopsis for The Suitors

After two sisters, Laure and Marie, learn of their parents’ plan to sell the family’s summer retreat, L’Agapanthe, they devise a scheme for attracting a wealthy suitor who can afford to purchase the estate. Selling it would mean more than just losing a place to go during the summer; for the sisters, it’s become a necessary part of their character, their lifestyle, and their past.

L’Agapanthe, a place of nostalgia and charm, is the perfect venue to exercise proper etiquette and intellect, though not all its visitors are socially savvy, especially when it’s a matter of understanding the relationships between old money and the nouveau riche. A comedy of manners begins, with stock traders, yogis, fashion designers, models, swindlers, the Mafia, and a number of celebrity guests all making appearances.

Laure—the witty, disarming, and rueful narrator—guides the reader through elegant dinners, midnight swims in the bay, witty chit chat, house guest faux pas, as well as the romantic hopes and disappointments of two sisters who, above all, care most about each other. The Suitors is an amusing inside look at the codes, manners, and morals of high society.

The Suitors is available for pre-order on and Barnes &

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